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All Metal Fishing Reel Anti-slip Magnetic Brake Handle

All Metal Fishing Reel Anti-slip Magnetic Brake Handle

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1.Ultra-lightweight CNC spool: 60mm large diameter spool winding speed and winding volume: 3mm/100m. The high-strength CNC machined slash shaft design can maintain fatigue even after long-term use.

2. With clutch function and squeeze function: with lock function, you can freely adjust the line by pressing the clutch button. Equipped with an adjusting knob, you can adjust the speed of the line, prevent the line from being too much, and protect the fishing line.

3. Corrosion-resistant/rust-proof/durable: The reel is made of all metal, strong and light, and the drive gear is also a spool with metal oxidation and CNC processing. After anti-corrosion treatment, it is not easy to rust and is durable.

4. Wide range of uses: it can be used for raft fishing, ice fishing, cinch fishing, boat fishing, rock shore fishing, pre-strike, etc.


The F60 front fishing reel, all-metal durable, suitable for sea fishing and wild fishing.


Material: all metal

Applicable hand: right hand

Type: left hand, right hand(optional)

Package Included:

1*All metal hand wire reel

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