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Casting Fishing Reel Reel - Metal Spool Metal EVA Grip - Saltwater Casting Fishing Reel

Casting Fishing Reel Reel - Metal Spool Metal EVA Grip - Saltwater Casting Fishing Reel

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*1. 9KG to 23KG Unloading force, handle fishes of 13lb to 38lb.

*1. Full metal line spool is beautiful and easy to cast, sturdy and durable, and long service life.

*2. The anti-reverse switch controls the front and back of the reel, which is directly set under the fishing reel, which is convenient and quick.

*3. CNC rocker arm can be folded with one-button for more convenient storage.

*4. High-strength casters, the wheel base is made of high-quality materials, and it is closely connected with the fishing rod joint.

*5. 3BB bearings are smooth and not stuck, strong and durable.


*1. Line Capacity DM1000: 0.15mm/180m, 0.18mm/140m, 0.20mm/120m 

*2. Line Capacity DM2000: 0.18mm/240m, 0.20mm/200m, 0.25mm/140m 

*3. Line Capacity DM3000: 0.20mm/240m, 0.25m/220m, 0.30mm/140m 

*4. Line Capacity DM4000: 0.30mm/200m, 0.35mm/160m, 0.40mm/120m 

*5. Line Capacity DM5000: 0.4mm/155m, 0.45mm/125m, 0.50mm/100m

*6. Line Capacity DM6000: 0.45mm/180m, 0.50mm/145m, 0.60mm/100m 

*7. Line Capacity DM7000: 0.40mm/280m, 0.50mm/230m, 0.60mm/180m 

*8. Line Capacity DM8000: 0.40mm/320m, 0.50mm/280m, 0.60mm/240m 

*9. Drag: 1000(9kg)/2000(11kg)/3000(13kg)/4000(15kg)/5000(17kg)/6000(19kg)/7000(21kg)/8000(23kg)

*10. Gear Ratio(1000-4000Series): 5.2:1 

*11. Gear Ratio(5000-7000Series): 4.7:1 

*12. Gear Ratio(8000Series): 4.9:1 

*13. Bearing: 3+1BB

*14. Unloading force: front and rear unloading force

Package Includes:

1 x Fishing Reel


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